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"I can’t thank you highly enough!"

"As a 50 something 5’7’’ woman weighing 52kg, that was told she had osteopenia in 2011, I started going to Raewyn 18 months ago in the hopes of improving things – especially as a bone density scan in 2015 said my condition was deteriorating and I had an increased risk of developing osteoporosis – this scared me.
After a bone density scan last week, I am thrilled to report that the results came back showing my levels were now in the acceptable range. I also had a low risk of developing the condition AND, instead of going back in 2 years – I didn’t need another scan for 7 years!
I put this largely down to Raewyn’s efforts. The way she motivates and encourages you while working alongside you and the fact that as a former gym-hater, I’m not continually clock-watching, wishing the session was over. I actually like it! So, on behalf of myself and my bones, thank you Raewyn for being so patient and flexible with your routines (on the days I’m feeling a bit delicate). I can’t thank you highly enough."
Denise Proctor

"Raewyn’s attitude and energy is infectious"

"Her style of training and studio offers the personal touch that big chain gyms lack. Although I only visit the Get Set studio twice a week, Raewyn’s motivation and support makes my daily exercise more of a challenge than a chore. Raewyn has and continues to provide the drive and enthusiasm to help me reach my goals."
Michelle White

"We are always having such a laugh"

"I am so glad I started to train with Raewyn. I get away with nothing, but I just love my workouts. The time passes so quickly as we are always having such a laugh. She is very knowledgeable and manages to alter my exercise so that it suits my mood every time. I arrive feeling tired and grumpy and at the end of my weights session I feel great. It always energises me."
Pauline Rasmussen

"I'm now getting results for life"

GETSET is great. I’m enjoying having someone to be accountable to. For years I have put no consideration into my physical state and eating what I like without thought of consequence.
Now in my 50s, I realise 40 years of life needs to be changed, so that I can see out the next 40. Raewyn is offering a great environment and encouragement with accountability. The workout programmes are well tailored with good variation. I’m now getting results for life.
Jon Pearson

"Instills confidence, communicates and encourages"

I absolutely appreciate Raewyn’s dedication as my personal trainer and strongly recommend her. She instills confidence, communicates and encourages to make you want to work harder and apply yourself more diligently. Her enthusiasm is infectious! I look forward to sessions each week and notice the progress I make too. Thanks Raewyn!
Syliva Bevin

"I have achieved my goal weight"

Raewyn listens to what I find enjoyable and links this to how I can achieve my health and well-being goals. There are personal touches like sourcing motivating tunes that I like and finding appropriate ways to celebrate successes – not linked to food treats but also helping me identify much needed balance in my life: not total deprivation. There is a great can-do approach to goals in a supportive and encouraging way and help to problem-solve/tweak my lifestyle: small achievable steps, so that I didn’t give up when it was hard. Thank you Raewyn. I have achieved my goal weight!
Heide Bremner

"Exactly what I needed"

"I have been training with Raewyn for nearly 3 years and have found her support and motivation exactly what I needed. Raewyn has extensive knowledge on nutrition, fitness regimes and techniques. I am extremely happy with the progress I have already made and am looking forward to the rewards and ongoing benefits."
Tryphena Perry

"Easy to remain motivated and achieve my goals"

"I have really enjoyed working with Raewyn. She listened to what I wanted to achieve; what I liked and didn’t like and customised a program for me. Because of this it has been easy to remain motivated and achieve my goals. I liked being trained by someone my own age as she understands the issues that come with being ‘more mature’! She has a great sense of humour and even the difficult sessions are fun! I can see a definite improvement in my strength and fitness levels. I absolutely recommend her!"
Elaine McMeeking

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