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Workout Sessions

GetSet with a Friend

per workout
($60 each)

  • 2 people training together at the studio
  • 55mins of Fun/chaos and much laughter!
  • You find the person you feel you can best work with (yes even husband + wife!)
  • Each session is supervised and
    everyone gets results!
  • Mixture of Cardio & Resistance Training depending on Client’s preferences,
    goals and abilities.
  • New Training Programme each month

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per workout

  • At the GETSET Studio in Murrays Bay
  • Private & Personalised programme
  • Each session is supervised and every person gets results!
  • Mixture of Cardio & Resistance Training depending on Client’s preferences,
    goals and abilities.
  • New Training Programme
    every 4-5 weeks
  • Wide variety of training methods (from Yoga, TaiChi and Pilates to Dumbbells, Barbells, Boxing, Functional Training, Cardio Bites, Re-bounding, Swiss Balls, Medicine balls, M Swing, GymStick, moving to music etc.)
  • No boredom here!

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GetSet On The Go

per month

  • Your Personal Trainer comes to your home once a month and gives you
    A Personalised Workout Programme
    for the next 4 weeks + 1 x 60min session.
  • Workout = your preferences,
    goals and abilities.
  • You decide workout length and frequency.
  • Workout uses your surroundings.
  • Regular cardio + weight training
  • Extra sessions - $80
  • North Shore only

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Specialised Workouts

GetSet Stress-Less

per workout

  • Personalised programme and one-to-one workouts to help lower stress. Come breathe a while!

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PH360 Personalised Health Coaching

per session

  • Analysis of your biotype will guide you to the food, movement and lifestyle that will best support your future.
  • There is so much conflicting advice out there. But imagine if you knew exactly what suits your genes.
  • e.g. is Kale actually good or bad for you?
  • Come and find out!

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GetSet Senior Fitness

per workout
(30 mins)

  • Shorter 30min Workout designed specifically for those over 70 years.
  • Personalised according to your needs.
  • Functional movement is the primary aim of these workouts, in order to support freedom and independence. Rock on!

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Health Coaching

Package for Middle Aged Women "Ladies Aging Well"

  • In the 3 sessions we cover Menopause and the Hormones,
    Movement, and Nutrition specifically for the Mid-aged woman.
  • Individual or in pairs!

  • Cost 3 session package for $240

Motivational Workshops

$25 per person

  • Raewyn is a motivational speaker, and can run a seminar at your place of work, or your home, a Church hall... wherever you can get a group of people together!
  • Workshops are booked at the times/places that suit you. Travel costs extra if not in Auckland.
  • Workshop lengths can be varied according to your requirements.
  • Every workshop is informative and motivational for attendees. Everyone leaves with a positive plan of action and lifestyle choices to consider.
  • Cost is minimum $150 (6 people) or $25 per person attending. Large groups POA.

  • *In 2016, 2017 and 2019, Raewyn was a Presenter at the NZ FitEx Conference. Workshops have been held throughout NZ, as far south as the University of Otago. (The GETSET ethos is spreading!)

Workshop Topics

    Everything you need to know. No Invisible Women here! (90mins)
    in the workplace (60mins)
    (for Personal Trainers + Gym Owners)
  • MINDFUL EATING (60mins)

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