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Through working with her wonderful Clients, Raeywn has found common areas that we all struggle with and decided to start a series of workshops to share our concerns, knowledge and to give practical help. Her goal is that people will leave the workshops inspired and motivated to ‘choose to change’.

Raewyn believes we have made ‘health’ far too complicated these days! So much of our exercise seems to just load us with more stress and guilt. She is passionate about helping her clients to make small changes that are sustainable. Good health, simple movement and real food need to become a permanent part of our everyday lifestyle – rather than pills!

As well as running private workshops on Menopause, Stress and Mindful Eating, Raewyn has also presented at the NZ FitEx Conference in 2016, speaking to Personal Trainers about training Middle Aged Women. In 2017, she is presenting at numerous gyms around NZ, inspiring and coaching PT's in their work with this highly lucrative clientelle. Her next series of workshops will be "Motivating the Unmotivated" (for all gym staff) and "Get Set for a Great Old Age" (for the public).

Workshops can be held anywhere that suits you – it can be at your place or work, or in the comfort of your home. Times and length of the workshop are also flexible.

Workshops with 4 – 12 people are $25 per person (Hostess free). Large groups negotiable.

Raewyn can run a seminar at your place of work, or your home, a Church hall... wherever you can get a group of people together!

  • Cost is minimum $150 (6 people) or $25 per person attending. Large groups POA.
    - MENOPAUSE – Everything you need to know. No Invisible Women here! (90mins)
    - STRESS in the workplace (60mins)
    - WHAT TO DO WITH MIDDLE AGED WOMEN (for Personal Trainers + Gym Owners)
    - MINDFUL EATING (60mins)
  • Workshops are booked at the times/places that suit you. Travel costs extra if not in Auckland.
  • Workshop lengths can be varied according to your requirements.
  • Every workshop is informative and motivational for attendees.
  • Everyone leaves with a positive plan of action and lifestyle choices to consider.


Click to see Raewyn in action at a small, private workshop for mid-aged women

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